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General rules for visiting the Monument


In order to contribute to the conservation of the monuments and their preservation for future generations, as well as to ensure the enjoyment of the visit for everyone, it is necessary for the visitor to comply with the following general rules during the visit.

1.    To respect at all times the indications of the Consortium, both those in writing on different supports in the monumental premises and those given orally by the staff responsible for their surveillance and conservation.

2.    To remain at all times within the areas prepared for the visit, with no access to unrestored areas or those closed to the public that are marked with chains or other types of prohibitions.

3.    To take extra precautions when walking to avoid falls or other accidents.

4.    To respect the following prohibitions:

•    Touching original and fragile materials (plaster, paint, marble, mosaic, etc.) as well as the surfaces or coatings of archaeological structures or resting objects on them.
•    Climbing on top of any archaeological structure.
•    Eating inside the monumental premises.
•    Bringing into the premises or consume within thereof alcoholic beverages.
•    Smoking inside the premises.
•    Carrying backpacks, bags, purses or similar over 40 cm, for safety reasons.
•    Introducing animals into the monumental premises, except for guide or assistance dogs with documentation accrediting their need and domestic animals kept during the entire visit in carriers.
•    Carrying out actions, portrayals, shows or performances outside the visit, unless authorized by the Consortium.
•    Touching the plants in the gardens.
•    Using drones, with or without recording purposes.
•    Giving tips or any kind of gratification to the staff on duty at the Consortium of the Monumental City of Mérida.

5.    To contribute to the cleansing of the monumental premises, refraining from leaving or throwing any material in it. The containers, wrappers or materials that the visitor intends to remove must be placed in the bins installed for this purpose in the monumental premises.

6.    To maintain the most civic behavior, avoiding excessive tone of voice and crowds that prevent the regular enjoyment of the visit to other people.

7.    Minors and school groups. Minors up to and including 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the visit.

In the case of school group visits, these must necessarily be accompanied by a teacher or a tutor who will be responsible for the visit, being necessary their presence for every 30 students or minors.

School visits will always be carried out in groups under the control and responsibility of the teacher, who must inform students of the obligation to comply with these visiting rules.

8.    Tourist guides. They must show their accreditation at the entrance and keep it visible during the whole visit.

9.    Pictures and recordings. Pictures and recordings for personal use only are allowed without a tripod. The taking of pictures or reports for editorial, advertising, commercial or other than personal use requires prior authorization from the Consortium's Management. In the case of attendance at events that are authorized in the monumental premises, the authorization of the organizer of the event will also be required.

10.    A breach of the visiting rules. In the event of breach of these rules, the surveillance and ticketing staff are entitled to require compliance and, in case of repeated or serious alteration of the visit, expel the visitor or group from the monumental premises.

Thanks for your collaboration.